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St Francis Church of England School

Meet our Classes and Staff

Co-Acting Headteachers: Miss Gillian McDermott & Mrs Elizabeth Burton

Deputy Headteacher:  Miss Gillian McDermott

Assistant Headteacher: Mr Simon Bushell 

SENCO: Mrs Sophie Gottfried (Mon, Tues, Wed)

Early Years Teachers
Mrs Fiona Coates and Miss Emma Duckworth Ducklings Nursery
Mrs Lucy Hampton Goldfinches Reception/Year 1
Miss Louisa Hart Robins Reception
Mrs Lucy Hampton Early Years Co-ordinator
Key Stage 1 Teachers
Mrs Helen Gregory / Miss Gillian McDermott Magpies Year 1 
 Miss Christine Sahonta Red Kites Year 2
Key Stage 2 Teachers
 Miss Katharine Stone Puffins Year 3

 Miss Chloe Alcock

Owls Year 3/4

Ms Deborah Hutchinson and Mrs Sophie Gottfried

Kingfishers Year 4/5
 Mr Simon Bushell Ravens Year 5/6
  Miss Karolina Shapland Falcons Year 6
Our Teaching Support team 
 Miss Teresa Crocker  
Mr Jonathan Crozier  
Miss Hayley Forbes  
Miss Mona Farruku
Mrs Claire King Breakfast Club Playworker
Mrs Sue Hooker Home School Link Worker
Miss Emily Keylock After School Club Playworker
Miss Maryam Lakab Early Years Support Worker
Miss Kerstie- Louise  Hurley
Miss Alexandra Mann
Mrs Laura Marsland  
Miss Gemma Moss Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kim Page  Early Years Support Worker
Mrs Lisa Perry  
Mrs Kelly Saxton  Behaviour Support
Mrs Pauline Shelley  
Mrs Leenz Sivaprasad  
Ms Sharon Wake Early Years Support Worker
Our Administration and Premises team
Mrs Jan Honour School Business Manager
Mrs Lesley Brown School Administrator
Mrs Angela Plant School Administrator
Ms Maria Felgueiras School Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs Saima Tasib School Cleaner

Mr Justin Webb

School Site Manager