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St Francis Church of England School


Sports Guitar

At St Francis, we aim to provide children with a range of opportunities to take part in clubs at lunch times and after school. There will be a range of clubs offered throughout the year by various members of staff for different year groups and for different interests. Throughout the year we also are able to offer children weekly Guitar Lessons which are offered and run by Mark Cope. Children also can access a Rocksteady group were they have the opportunity to learn a range of different instruments and are able to experience playing in their own rock band! Letters and emails with details of extra curricular clubs will be sent out throughout the year.                                                                               


Staff involved

Key Stage / Year Groups


Movie Making

Mr Bushell KS2 Term 1-2

Art Club

Mrs Roberts KS2 Term 1

Science Club

Miss Sahonta KS1 Term 1


Mr Wolstenholme KS2 Term 3

Book Club

Miss Hampton KS2 Term 3

Mindfulness & Mediation (lunchtime)

Miss Alcock KS1/2 Term 3

DT (lunchtime)

Mrs Gottfried KS2 Term 3


Miss McDermott KS1/2 Term 5

Craft Club

Mrs Shapland KS2 Term 6