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St Francis Church of England School

Oxford Lieder Project

We are developing our Parish meta-narrative – JOHN 10:10B ‘living life to the fullest’, which asks us to reflect on how we can best live our lives so that they are the richest and hold the greatest meaning.  To ensure our children are living their lives to the fullest, wherever possible, learning is grounded in real life experiences.  One example of this is a new and exciting project for 2020-21.  We have been successfully chosen to work with Oxford Lieder to take part in their annual festival. Over two weeks each October, the Oxford Lieder welcome many of the world's great singers and pianists to Oxford. The festival (which will be hosted virtually this year) features some 50 concerts, as well as dozens of other events that allow people to learn, take part and be inspired.  It also incorporates an extensive creative programme of masterclasses, workshops and talks in school, with every child from reception to year 6 getting the opportunity to work alongside a professional opera singer, composer and musician in a project entitled “Connections Across Time”.

The project is rooted in happiness and will boost morale and a sense of connectivity in our St. Francis family. When we are living our lives to the fullest we have a healthy internal dialogue both emotionally and physically.  We know that singing

nurtures this by strengthening the immune system.  Singing is a work out, it improves posture, helps with sleep, is a natural anti-depressant, lowers stress levels whilst improving mental alertness.

Being involved with this project, will provide our children with ‘the essential knowledge that they need to prepare them for their future success. This will be done by introducing our children to the best that has been thought and said, and helping to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.