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St Francis Church of England School

Living Life to the Fullest - JOHN 10:10B

"Pupils appreciate how adults arrange experiences they have never tried before"

OFSTED December 2021

Everything we do here at St. Francis embodies our Parish meta-narrative - JOHN 10:10B  'living life to the fullest', which encompasses and asks us to reflect deeply about how we might best live our lives so they are the richest they can be and hold the greatest meaning for us. 

When we are living our lives to the fullest we have a healthy internal dialogue both emotionally and physically.  We are creating something richer, deeper, more meaningful and longer lasting so our St. Francis children leave us with a wise and generous spirit.

We do this in many ways, one of which is through our ambitious and personalised curriculum which supports every child (particularly those who are most disadvantaged or who have additional needs) and encourages them to learn deeply.  We focus on developing the whole child, their skills, knowledge, attitudes and interests with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to be successful throughout their lives.

To ensure our children are living their lives to the fullest wherever possible, learning is grounded in real life experiences providing children with the the opportunity to broaden their horizons.  This is achieved through outdoor learning and by embracing a variety of local community and school projects.